Winter Corn Field 
40”x 30”Winter_Corn_field.html
Dry Branch After Rain 
15”x 11” SOLDDry_Branch.html
Blue Rocks at Oak Creek Canyon 
22”x 15”Blue_Rocks.html
Down by the Run 
15”x 11”  SOLDDown_by_the_Run.html
Hazy Day  
15”x 11”Hazy_Day.html
Winter Thaw 
22”x 15” Winter_Thaw.html
Early Morning Fog 
22”x 15”Early_Morning_Fog.html
Snow on the Ridge 
22”x 15”Snow_on_the_Ridge.html
Canyon De Chelly 15”x 11”Canyon_Dechelly.html
Deep Woods 
22”x 15”Deep_Woods.html
One of Many WV Falls 
15”x 11”One_of_Many.html
Mountain Glow
22”x 15”Mountain_Glow.html
Rushing River 
15”x 11” SOLDRushing_River.html
22”x 15”Autumn.html
Study in Blue and 
Yellow 15”x 11” Study_in_Blue.html
Black Water Falls 
22”x 15” Blackwater_Falls.html
15”x 11”Sunrise.html
Come Walk With Me 
22”x 15”Come_Walk_With_Me.html
Winter in the 
WV Mountains 15”x 11”Winter_in_WV_Mountains.html
My Favorite 
15”x 11” SOLDMy_Favorite.html
Sun on the Run 
15”x 11” SOLDSun_on_the_Run.html
Little White House 
15”x 11” SOLDLittle_White_House.html
Over the Edge 
22”x 15” SOLDOver_the_Edge.html
Looking through the Trees
 22”x 15”  SOLDLooking_Through_the_Trees.html
West Virginia Back Road
 15”x 11”WV_Backroad.html
Holly Bush Creek 
15”x 11” SOLDHolly_Bush_Creek.html
Sunrise on the Marsh
22”x 15” SOLDSunrise_on_the_Marsh.html
Late Afternoon 
15”x 11” SOLDLate_Afternoon.html
Desert and Ocean 
15”x 11”Desert_Notion.html
Southwest Sandstone 
22”x 15”Southwest_Sandstone.html
Noon on the Lake 
15”x 11”Noon_on_the_Lake.html
The Marsh  
22”x 15” SOLDThe_Marsh.html
Windy Run 
15”x 11” SOLDWindy_Run.html
Southwest Range 
22”x 15” Southwest_Range.html
No Name Falls 
15”x 11” SOLDNameless_Falls.html
Evening on the Tygart 
22”x 15” Evening_on_the_Tygart.html
Spice Creek 
22”x 15” SOLDSpice_Creek.html
November in WV 
15”x 11”November_in_WV.html
The Landing        
15”x 11 “ SOLD The_Landing.html
Blue Mosaic 
11”x 9”   Blue_Mosaic.html
Southwest Canyon 
22”x 15”
Never Ending  #2 
22” x 15”Never_Ending.html
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Snowshoe Resort Area
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